Annual Meeting

After giving it a great deal of thought and exploring various options, the Session has decided that in the interest of safety and to be as inclusive as possible, it is best not to have the Annual Meeting at the present time. It will be held at a future date when we can gather together in person.

The Annual Report unaudited at this point, is being prepared and will be available prior to the meeting. Anyone who wishes to have a copy earlier than that may make arrangements to pick one up at the manse.

Services Update (as of March 14th)

Halton region is now in the Red Zone which means that churches may reopen for worship with the same restrictions that were in place before Christmas. The Session met on March 14th to consider reopening and has decided that in light of the threat posed by the variants not to do so. Accordingly there will not be services at the church at this time. In mid April the Session will reconsider when to reopen taking into account what the situation is like at that time. If anyone has any thoughts or questions they are encouraged to speak to either Shawn or one of the Session members.

Presbyterians Sharing

As we all well know the current pandemic is having a major impact on everything, and that includes the work of the church.  Givings to Presbyterians Sharing are down substantially at this time when compared to previous years.  The work of the larger church of which we are a part continues, and that work is dependant upon the financial support of congregations including our own.  Everyone who is in a position to help is encouraged to remember this when giving their offering.

For information on how to give during the church closure please check under ‘Church Offerings’ on this web site.

Video of our 200th Anniversary Service

Good Morning,

Welcome to a beautiful first day of summer! We don’t know what the weather was like on that June morning 200 years ago when the first service was held, although I would like to think it was a morning much like today. I am reasonably certain it wasn’t raining!

Those first settlers would be utterly amazed at the idea worshiping together and not having to be physically together. Below is the video link to this morning’s Anniversary Service.

Boston’s Anniversary Service Video

Happy Anniversary Boston!

God Bless,


200th Anniversary Service (New Date)

The 200th Anniversary Service will be held on Sunday, June 20th at 11:00 a.m. The guest preacher for this special milestone in the life of our congregation will be the Rev. Dr. Mark Lewis. The Rev. Rod Lewis will also be present and participating in the service. Those attending will be given a special bookmark to commemorate the occasion. There will also be an opportunity for all those attending to sign a special anniversary banner. A light lunch will follow the service.

*Please note the change in date.

Weekly Sermons

We will be posting Sunday sermons on this website each week. You will find them all under “Sermons” on the main menu above.

If you would like Rev. Shawn’s weekly sermons emailed directly to your inbox, or if you would simply like to connect, please email Shawn at

“A Gift of Song” CD

The Choir has officially released their CD, “A Gift of Song”, in celebration of next year’s 200th Anniversary of the congregation. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the CD, please speak to a member of the choir. A donation towards the expense of making the CD would be most welcome.

Presbyterian Connection Paper

For those who are interested, copies of the national church’s newspaper, Presbyterian Connection, are available at the back of the church.

At the end of last year the “Presbyterian Record” ceased to publish. In its place the National Church will be printing a “newspaper” four times a year; this will be print only. If you are interested in receiving the newspaper you may subscribe for it yourself on the National Church’s website (