In-Person Worship Update

Recently the Provincial government announced changes to the rules governing Houses of Worship, the most notable being that seating restrictions can be ended if proof of vaccination is required of those entering the building to attend worship. In light of these announced changes, the Session has made a number of decisions pertaining to the Sunday morning worship service.
Beginning on Sunday, November 7th all adults attending worship will be asked for proof of their double vaccination status when they enter the building. This will be noted for future reference so that people do not have to be asked every Sunday.
Since the Session has instituted this change, there is no longer a need for restricted seating and this means that everyone is free to sit wherever and with whomever they wish.
The singing of hymns and other responses will be resumed though initially only portions of the hymns will normally be sung. Masks must be worn while singing as at all other times when in the building.
The offering plate will remain at the back of the sanctuary for the time being and the use of Sunday bulletins is still discontinued.
Physical contact such as hugging and the shaking of hands is not permitted, and this includes greeting the minister at the door following the service.
There will not be any fellowship times or pot-luck dinners at the present time.
All sanitary measures currently in place will continue to be so including the use of masks, hand sanitizers, and the “fogging” of the building both before and after worship.
If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak to Shawn or any member of the Session.