“The Fish Net”

Summer 2018

Dear Friends,

​“Embrace the Chaos!” I must admit that I smiled to myself when I first heard this simply because this spring has certainly been a chaotic one in the manse. We are expecting a new grandchild at any time, and there is also Andrew and Meghan’s upcoming wedding. The furnace and driveway have been replaced within the last month and Andrew is also renovating half of the basement so that he and Meghan will have a place to live while they save the money for a home of their own. Add to that the busyness of ministry and life in general … my goodness, it has been chaotic!

​Now all of these activities are of course good ones and even a blessing but not everything that brings chaos to our lives is. Indeed life’s “negative chaos” can take many forms; illness, grief at the loss of a loved one or financial concerns for example. When we are surrounded and buffeted by such chaos, we may long for peace and security. Embrace the chaos? In these circumstances we would rather get as far away from the chaos as possible!

​Recently while talking to a person I made the observation that so often in life I have longed for the day when everything will be calm and peaceful but I am now realizing that that is an illusion; that to some degree everything is always in some state of chaos or change. The important thing that we have to realize though is that God has not promised us freedom from life’s troubling chaos, trials and tribulations. What God has promised us however is His presence. This is one of the great promises of what we celebrate at Pentecost; that no matter where we go, what we do or whatever happens, God is present, with us and for us. In the words of one of my favourite psalms:

​​​​Where can I go to escape Your spirit,
​​​​​And where can I flee from Your presence?
​​​​If I ascend the heavens, You are there!
​​​​​And there too if I lie in Sheol!

​Wishing you a most blessed summer filled with nothing but “good” chaos!




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