“The Fish Net”

Fall 2017

Dear Friends,

While up at Sauble Beach this past summer, Susan and I had a rather unique experience of going on a boat ride. One of our niece’s significant other was there and he had brought up his powerboat. Justin asked Susan and I if we would like to go for a ride on it one afternoon and we jumped at the chance.

First of all we went up the Sauble River and, because of the high water levels, we got up as far as the falls. For us passengers it was a relaxing ride taking in all the sights, but for Justin? Standing at the wheel, his eyes were constantly flicking between the surface of the water and the sonar equipment which showed what was below the surface and how deep the water was. On our return to the marina Justin asked if we would like to go out on the open water and we quickly responded “yes”. There was a bit of a swell out on the lake but the trip was wonderful; indeed, after vacationing at Sauble for 26 years, it was the first time that we had seen Sauble Beach from out on the water rather than just standing on the beach looking out. On our return trip to the river Justin decided to “open her up” and off we went. It was a fun exciting ride even if, because of where I was seated, I got absolutely soaked! It was a wonderful afternoon and a day we’ll long remember.

When I look back at that afternoon, I realize that while we experienced a number of feelings and emotions the one emotion that I never experienced was fear, and I know why. Whether it was on the river or out on the lake Justin was constantly on the lookout, checking and re-checking our surroundings and his equipment, and with him at the wheel we knew that we had nothing to fear. To put it another way, we put our faith and trust in him, and in a sense that afternoon is an analogy for life itself.

As many people have said, we can think of our earthly journey as being like a boat trip. Sometimes it is like our ride up the Sauble River; cruising along, taking it all in without a care in the world. And sometimes life can be a bit more exciting, bouncing along and getting soaked. But sometimes life can be downright frightening too as we, so-to-speak, crash through the waves with all of its ups and downs, wondering if we will ever return to the safety and tranquility of the sheltered harbour. But just as Susan and I had no fear with Justin at the helm, so we need not fear life’s journey either. We know who is at the helm and we can put our faith, trust and hope in Him. In the words of an old gospel hymn, “We have an anchor that keeps the soul, steadfast and sure while the billows roll”. And in the words of the Breton Fisherman’s prayer, “O God be good to me, for Thy ocean is so wide and my boat is so small”.

The goodness of God of course is what this Thanksgiving season is all about and there is so much to be thankful for.

Wishing you a most blessed Thanksgiving!



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