“The Fish Net”

Fall 2018

Dear Friends,

            This past summer, Susan and I decided to spend a few days in Midland, a place we hadn’t been to for more than twenty years.  We wanted to take the back roads there rather than the highways and Andrew kindly lent us his GPS.

            Well, this was my first real in-depth exposure to the device and, reflecting my technological naivety, it just about blew my mind!  To drive along and have this device in the car receiving signals from a satellite way up in the sky telling us where to turn and when?  Amazing!  I noticed though that as Susan drove along, more often than not I was looking at the screen on the device rather than the surrounding countryside.  Indeed we see this sort of behaviour all the time.  How often have we seen a person walking down the street so caught up in texting or doing whatever else on their cell phone that they are totally oblivious to everyone and everything else in the world around them?  Modern technology truly is a wonder but so often it can blind us to the “real” world around us.

            We are of course in the earliest days of autumn and on the verge of Thanksgiving.  Perhaps more than anything else this is the season for being grateful and giving thanks for the wonderful things we have and experience.  So often and too often perhaps, we like to complain about this or that but compared to most people in the world, we are the blessed.  There is this land in which we live with its beauty, goodness and riches.  There is this nation with its rights and freedoms.  There is such as our health care system, while on a more personal level, we have such as our homes, food to eat and clothes to wear.  And of course there are our loved ones and the other important people so dear to us.  Truly, the list could go on and on but I do wonder though; how often are we so caught up in our own little world, our GPS’s and cell phones so-to-speak, that we are oblivious to the larger “real” world around us?  There is so much to be grateful for if we would but open our eyes and focus, really focus, on the world around us.

            Wishing you a most blessed Thanksgiving!



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