The Ladies Fellowship Group will hold their annual Bazaar on Saturday, November 2nd. Please mark your calendar and plan to come out and support the bazaar as this is the group’s largest fundraiser of the year and many worthwhile charities within our local community and around the world benefit from the funds the group raises during the year.

Support for Food Bank

As is customary, our churches will be supporting the local food bank on Thanksgiving Sunday (October 13th). If interested in supporting the food bank you may either make a financial donation in your regular offering envelope (writing “Food Bank” on the line for “other”), or bring non-perishable food items to church that Sunday.

Bible Study

The next session of the Bible Study Group will be held on Wednesday, October 23rd at 10:00 a.m. at the manse. We will be looking at Revelation chapters 20 and 21.

Presbyterian Connection Paper

For those who are interested, copies of the national church’s newspaper, Presbyterian Connection, are available at the back of the church.

At the end of last year the “Presbyterian Record” ceased to publish. In its place the National Church will be printing a “newspaper” four times a year; this will be print only. If you are interested in receiving the newspaper you may subscribe for it yourself on the National Church’s website (

Presbyterians Sharing

So far this year we have raised $6139 of the $8000 we promised to give in 2019 to Presbyterians Sharing. At this time last year we had raised $4472.